Next Steps and How You Can Get Involved

Now that we’ve had the opportunity to share our first visual samples of what we’re working on, via our New York After Dark trailer, we wanted to talk to you – our community – about what comes next. Since we first launched our initial friends & family Kickstarter campaign (almost a year ago), we’ve been focused on getting our trailer filmed, cut and distributed. But now what?

In our newest production diary, we’re sharing our next steps and give you some insight into what the journey has been like up to this point. And, there’s even something very simple that YOU can do to get involved and make the next phase of production even better. (Though, you’ll have to click play to get all of the latest info!)

Are you an aspiring filmmaker? Is there an element of the production process you would like to know more about? Let us know and we can produce one of our production diaries that speaks directly to you!

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