Who Knew Our Trailer Would Be So Provocative?

Last week, we were thrilled to officially share our trailer for New York After Dark.

We knew that — for most of you — it was a first introduction to our subjects and some of our themes; and, we were honored (and a little nervous) to finally put some of our content into the world to be viewed and critiqued.

This week, we’re really excited to report that there’s a bigger conversation our provocative trailer has prompted with some of you, and we want to keep it going. Check out this new video with our filmmaker, Ilana, where she touches on some of the reactions we’ve received so far and what she thinks about it.

Are you an aspiring filmmaker? Is there an element of the production process you would like to know more about? Let us know and we can produce one of our production diaries that speaks directly to you!

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  1. Blake says

    I love that you use the technology that is helping blind people today in your trailer. I’m excited to see how you use it in the film itself.

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